Lessons from 3.11 - Toward the Future

This video shows a conversation between Prof. Yutaka Watanabe, Director of Center for Fundamental Research on Nuclear Decommissioning, Tohoku University, and Kenji Owada, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc., in Tohoku University's project “Lessons from 3.11 - Toward the Future”. The following is a summary of the conversation.

What new knowledge and technologies are emerging from the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake for the future?

In this symposium, we will introduce two people (Prof. Yutaka Watanabe and Mr. Kenji Owada) who continue to explore new issues in the same field of decommissioning and think together with you about what kind of researches are required in the future. We will discuss the future of research with you.

Please take a look.